Why Plan for Promotional Video? 

A Promotional Video encompasses many different tools for you to use for your brand. It provides educational material for staff, your consumers, and other businesses you're looking to work with.  A promo video can also provided business highlights and business storytelling. 

With a Promo Video you and your brand will be able to show your audience what and who you are instead of trying to describe it in just a few well placed words on a website. 


What We Offer

  • Event video (A summary of an event or activity)
  • Crowdfunding Brand Stories
  • Company promotional/brand videos
  • Technology and product demonstration videos
  • New product or service online presentations
  • Client and customer testimonial videos
  • Staff training / instruction and safety videos
  • EPK (Electronic Press Kits)
  • Tour Reels

 Please contact us TO TALK ABOUT YOUR PROJECT!


The Luma One (Crowdfunding Promo)

Electro Shine 2013 CMA Fest (Event Promo)

VSA TN (Brand Promo)

#DearPluto (Brand Promo)

Electro Shine 2013

The Farm 2015

Off The Record Nashville (Event Promo - Editing)

Chessboxer (Brand Promo)

Electro Shine Boombox (Brand Promo)

40 Day Art Festival (Brand Promo)

Replication Art Show (360º Event Promo)

Big Kenny 2010

Krista Marie 2015

Eric Lee Beddingfield 2014