Sometimes you don't need full production bundles. You just need someone to fill a role on a set, someone to edit a piece you shot, or just some fancy special effects to beef up your video.

We provide production services in multiple area of expertise. See below for other services. 


When all assets are provided and just need an editor's touch, we provide editing services on Adobe Premiere. Average edits range between 10-40 hrs depending on project type, size, and length. Contact us for a project specific quote.


VFX services in After Effects and Mocha Pro include rotoscoping, tracking, shot cleanup, stabilization, motion graphics, etc. Contact us for a project specific quote. 

Keying, Rotoscoping, Tracking
Directed by: www.evanbrace.com 
Animation by www.thisisalm.com

Compositing, Keying, Tracking
Directed by www.thisisalm.com

Keying, Rotoscoping, Tracking
Directed by: www.evanbrace.com
Animation by www.thisisalm.com

Tracking, Rotoscoping, Color

Keying, Tracking, Rotoscoping
Directed by: www.evanbrace.com

Editing, Tracking, Animation
Directed by: www.spencerglover.biz

Lyric Videos  

We provide Lyric Videos of varying levels of involvement. Contact us to discuss your project today!


A Music Video cost will be determined by overall concept. Costs may include gear rental, casting, location, permits, rotoscoping, tracking, etc. Contact us to discuss your project today!


We provide experienced steadicam operators at $100 an hour. You provide the gear. Or a one time kit fee of $300. Kit includes Glidecam HD4000 and stabilizer vest rental. Contact us for a project specific quote.

Specialty 360º Camera  

We understand both pre-production, production, and post of the ever immersive experience of 360° video technology. Contact us to discuss your project today!

Assistant Directing  

When hiring an assistant director we will provide production paperwork, production schedules, call sheets, on set talent management, and crew management to accomplish efficient on set workflows.

Web Series Scripting  

We provide scriptwriting services for all webseries genres at $50 per script. A general web series concept needs to be structured before hiring us. Scripts will be 1-5 pages in length and will read in a traditional film or A/V format.