Transparency of process makes a collaboration much more enjoyable.



Transparency of process makes a collaboration much more enjoyable.

This is a general process for projects that require full production. Some projects may
vary in steps depending on the type of project and the project's specific timeline.  

Step 1 - Discussion

After being contacted by a potential collaborator our first step is to chat a little more about the project's needs and expectations. What is trying to be accomplished? When does the project need to be completed? And how can we best provide what you're looking for?


Once we've spoken a little bit about your project we like to provide an Indie Mutt Creative treatment and budget options for the project. This treatment will include what was discussed and what some of our ideas might be to help garner success of the content. This treatment will also include a budget range and project contract of deadlines and expectations. Each of these items are open to negotiations.  

STEP 3 - Contract & Retainer

Once an agreement is reached from both parties we will both sign the contract and a 50% retainer will be turned over to Indie Mutt Creative to begin production. It's important to note that a 50% retainer is required before any work is rendered.


If your production requires a script we will provide you with a script in 1-2 business days per script required. The first drafts will be delivered to you and we will collaborate on the  material until all parties are happy. 


Once you greenlight the scripts we will begin pre-production. Pre-Production varies from project to project but it may include location scouting, casting, costuming, equipment rental, prop building/acquisition, production scheduling, permit obtaining, insurance, etc. 


Once we lock a date for production we will begin principle photography of the project. We will shoot all material required in the most cost effective way possible. 


Once photography is completed we will begin post editing and lining up a best performance edit to the piece. This edit will not include any VFX or Animation should your production require them. 

STEP 8 - Locking Picture

This edit will then be sent to you for "Picture lock" approval. You are required to provide us with notes in a timely fashion should you require changes to the initial edit. It's important to note that this stage is one of the most important - as Locking Picture is pivotal to successful vfx/animation workflows. 

STEP 9 - VFX / Animation

Once you deem the edit "picture locked" we will move into VFX and animation of any elements that may require it. VFX may include green screen keys, rotoscoping, tracking, etc. Animation may involve any text or image animation as supplemental asset to the picture. 

STEP 10 - AUDIO & Color

Once VFX and Animation are completed we will move into Audio cleanup and Color Correction of the piece. 

STEP 11 - Final REVIEW Round

Once we complete VFX, Animation, Audio, and Color you will be sent a "Final Review" draft of the final piece. At this stage you will be expected to send notes on VFX, animation, audio, and color - as picture was locked in a previous step. (Note: Any requests to edit picture/performance after VFX/Animation will be subject to an additional hourly charge as steps 9 & 10 will have to be redone.) 


Any VFX/Animation/Audio/Color edits will be delivered in a final pass. When all parties are happy with the product you will let us know when the project is Greenlit for delivery. 


After an official statement of greenlight is made we will send you a final invoice. You can decide to pay us digitally or via check. Once payment option is confirmed we will provide you with assets. 

STEP 14 - Deliverables

Once final payment is received we will provide you with final deliverables. Deliverables will vary based on your preferences, but generally we will provide you with a Master Drive of all video assets, project files, and exports. 

Note: Different projects require different processes. We will discuss your project's SPECIFIC timeline in the treatment and contract steps. 



A basic understanding of video production costs


A basic understanding of video production costs

So, how much is this going to cost?

Video production costs vary depending on the scale of the project. There are multiple reasons why a budget would be higher or lower than others. Some projects don't call for a cast larger than 1 person, others call for 50+ extras. Some projects don't require a jib operator while others require a production truck with a 50ft crane, permits to shut down roads, the cost of on set medics, and security.  

This page covers FULL SERVICE projects where you're hiring us to cover every aspect of the production. It's important to note that every project follows these four main steps. And each of these steps cost some money. We've provided a generalized Cost Range for each line item so you can plan for each step accordingly. 

In order to get an accurate quote contact us with your project needs. 

SCRIPTING The script is the backbone of your project and keeps everyone on the same page. It usually entails a written format of what’s being said verbally and whats being seen visually.
$100 a page. Includes 3 drafts (2 rounds of edits)
PRE-PRODUCTION This includes obtaining locations, cast, crew, equipment, and props. This also requires paying for the work a producer puts into organizing the people on the project. As well as paying for casting directors, production designers, and costume designers, as necessary.
Cost varies depending on project details. $1,000 - $20,000
PRODUCTION This includes the actual “shooting days” of the project. It includes paying for crew and cast which can range from 2 people - 30+ people depending on the project and the number of days shooting.
Cost varies depending on project details. $2,000 - $20,000
POST PRODUCTION This includes the initial editing of the final product, sound mixing, and basic color correction. This also includes cost of graphic design, animation, and/or VFX if necessary.
Cost varies depending on project details. $2,000 - $20,000
TOTAL Total cost varies depending on project needs.
Contact Us For Accurate Quote

Costs vary depending on project! 

Contact Us to discuss your project for an accurate quote!



Frequently Asked Questions.


Frequently Asked Questions.

How do I get a quote?

In order to get a quote please head over to our Contact Page and fill out the form there. Please allow for 1-2 business days for us to respond to your inquiry. 

How long does it take for production?

Production varies depending on the project. Obviously a 10 episode web-series would take longer than a single promotional video. As a general rule of thumb it's good to plan for 1 week of Pre-Production, 1 week of Production, and 1 week for Post - for each video. Actual length varies depending on project specifications. 

I need my video in 7 days - can you do it?

Yes. We do take on the occasional expedited project (ie; Projects that have less than a 8 day turnaround). Be aware that any project that is expedited incurs a $1000 expedite fee on top of the agreed upon budget.

An expedite fee? Are you insane!? For what?

Believe it or not expedited projects require extra manpower to accomplish quality work. We usually have to travel for immediate equipment rental and we typically have to hire additional staff to help make the project happen at an above par rate. A $1000 fee covers these elements. 

Can I hire you for my wedding?

We do not have wedding experience and would not feel comfortable providing that service. 

Are youR prices negotiable? 

 We will provide you with a project budget during the treatment process and we can negotiate from there. The more information you give us ahead of time in terms of your budget will help us cater to your individual project's needs. 

Why DOES cast, location, Additional Equipment and permits EFFECT COST?

Because all of those things... cost money. Some clients wish to have sound stages with 15 dancers, others are fine shooting in their living rooms on green screen with their friends. There are plenty of variables when it comes to video production - and we can help you figure out what is best for you and your project. 

What Sort of Cameras Are You Shooting On?

We currently have in our studio a Canon Rebel T5i and Canon Rebel T2i - which bring production costs down when you know how to pair with nice lenses and light for video (which we do). We also rent cameras to the project's specific needs and have no problem doing so. We've shot on other DSLR's as well as the RED Epic, the Sony Fs7, and the Arri Alexa. We're not camera shy - so we're comfortable renting additional cameras, lenses, lighting, and stabilization gear as needed/requested.

I would love to work with you guys, but I'm not in TENNESSEE - will you travel?

Yes! We will! Indie Mutt has serviced video production tasks for companies in Tennessee, Alabama, Georgia, Florida, Texas, LA, New York, and Colorado. We're completely open to working with people in other states/countries!  

When you create a web series for me that means you'll run my youtube, correct?

Possibly! We are happy to discuss channel management as a separate contract - please include your interest in this option when we talk about your project! Contact us today!.