1) HTC & Alibaba Announced a VR Tech Partnership to explore CLOUD VR

On Aug 9, 2016 HTC and Alibaba Cloud Partners announced they’d be joining forces to develop cloud computing solutions specifically for Virtual Reality. Together the companies will focus on innovative solutions for bandwidth allocation, data transmission, and data processing for VR video production and VR broadcasting. Using the advanced cloud tech from Alibaba they’re also looking to build a VR cloud ecosystem to extend “Viveport” Htc’s VR app store.

2) Google is studying the effects of VR troll repellent.

Google’s company, Daydream Labs, has been examining how to deter VR trolls from acting like a bunch of asshats.  They experimented with a poker game where players are portrayed as dog avatars. When a player stands the screen turns black and white  and they disappeared from their opponents view. The company also experimented with rewards for positive behavior. Negative behavior wasn’t rewarded and tended to encourage players to behave themselves.

This, of course, is similar to Altspace VR’s space bubble option, where avatars disappear and essentially “walk through” another avatar if or when they get too close for comfort.

3) Valve opens up light tracking to 3rd Party (for other objects!!!)

On August 4, 2016 Valve announced that they’ll be providing royalty-free licensing to third party companies looking to design trackable STEAM VR controllers and peripherals. Licensees will have to attend a $2,975 training course hosted by Synapse to properly learn how to work with their technology in order to obtain a license. But after the course it taken companies with a license will not have to deal with licensing fees, royalties, or review & approval processes.

This is kind of a big deal because it marks Valve as the first company in the VR market to open up their license of their room scale tracking tech to third parties. Which conveniently leads us to number 4 on our list….

4) Striker VR - Haptic Gun

On August 8, Road to VR shared their demo of StrikerVR’s new VR gun prototype of The Arena Infinity. The wireless peripheral has on-board haptics that can mimic feedback for single shots, bursts, full-auto firing, and other effects like sci-fi railguns, and chainsaws. The prototype currently uses a temporary tracker affixed to the unit, with support for PhaseSpace and Sixense STEM tracking. StrikerVR plans to eventually include Valve’s Lighthouse, Oculus’ Constellation, and Playstation’s Move tracking system. The development kit for the Arena Infinity is set to deliver to select partners in Quarter 4 of 2016.

5) SpaceVR is launching it’s 12 camera rig to the International Space Station

On August 8, 2016 SpaceVR announced that they’ve signed a launch agreement with NanoRacks LLC to send the world’s first Virtual Reality Camera Satellite into space! The Overview 1 uses 4K sensors to capture high res, fully immersive, 360 video! The Overview 1 will be sent to the International Space Station inside a cargo capsule during the CRS-12 resupply mission scheduled in the early summer of 2017. The video will be viewable through SpaceVR’s own VR application compatible with android devices. The company is selling viewing access of their outer space footage for $35 a year or $99 for a lifetime subscription.  



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