It’s Amber - I will be residing in this little part of the internet. I’d like to officially welcome you to the Indie Mutt Creative Blog! It’s a blog that is going to highlight and discuss the epic social change that everyone in multiple industries are adjusting to - NEW MEDIA and how Video fits in there! 

New Media consists of many things. Pretty much….anything “new” to the generation we’ve officially and publicly labeled the “Baby Boomer Generation.”

In my part of the world that includes everything and anything involved with; websites, blogging, social media platforms, music streaming, video streaming, web broadcasting, podcasting, mobile connectivity, mobile applications, and so on and so on….and well you get the point.

It’s a big new world here on the internet now that people are realizing how much money is to be had here. It’s a market that not many have explored - but a number of those who have have indeed reaped a shiny pocket of change. And when someone makes money …. usually others want to try their hand at it too. (Oh fickle humans….)

But whats great is that now that technology is advancing so rapidly media is going to advance just as quickly if not more - so there’s plenty of opportunities available to get involved and maybe even make that coin!  

Written by: Amber W.