Have you seen Dove’s new “Selfie” video posted earlier this week? 

It’s totally another genius marketing video that shows that the Dove brand is connected with humanity. It gives an emotional connection to something everyone who uses new media for social purposes struggles with - their image. 

Self image has been a constant topic of conversation for many generations - particularly for women. It’s something that over the last ten years alone has begun to prove itself incredibly powerful for brands to acknowledge and encourage healthier outlooks. 

I’m a girl so I’ve been guilty of the “why don’t I look like the negative 2 size model?” thing. However, I learned fairly early on that blaming other people for my self loathing was…counter productive and the wrong approach to fixing the problem.

This Selfie video definitely talks about female insecurities and points fingers at the source that has been ignored by those who like to point their fingers at men for women’s suffrage.

Women are their own worst enemies when it comes to body image. We do it to ourselves and subsequently pass it onto our daughters.

And this video brings up that potential conversation along with a slew of other imperative facts about youth and the internet. 

With Dove’s #BeautyIs campaign, American Eagle’s Aerie Real lingerie Campaigns, GlobalDemocracy.com’s Airbrush Time-lapseLily Myer’s Shrinking Woman performance, and even music videos like Boggie’s Nouveau Parfum - female body image is something that has been in the media a great deal lately and has no sign of going away. 

The thing I think is the most important thing to look at is the fact that the teens and mothers in Dove’s “Selfie” documentary are acknowledging the power social media has on social change through self exploration. (see 6:33)

Social change is totally possible on the internet. And so is self image. In fact that’s what makes the internet a personal experience for some. It’s an outlet for everyone to explore new things and discover truths about the world and themselves. 

This is an important fact for people trying to touch base with the younger generation. 

This video simply shows that it’s imperative to acknowledge that the teenagers that “new media marketers” are struggling to get a hold of online are struggling with the same things we struggled with when we were their age.

The only difference is that they have technology at their finger tips. And they’re using it to discover how to cope with social expectation. 

They have the power to generate new ideas in an open forum and explore in a much larger internet scape that we grew up with. The things we might think to be narcissistic and self indulgent of the youth online is actually how they’re learning to cope with themselves and learning who they are as human beings.  

The next question for all marketers is, of course; how are teenagers learning things differently than you did? How is technology changing their social growth? What can we do to help them through that process and how do we use this approach to connect with the “unreachable” demographic? 

Think about it.