For a while there in 2013 it was believed that “Content is King.”

And even now the idea is repeated in occasional conversation. But, what I think everyone over looks in this epic debate is that it’s not the amount of content - but the quality of that content that sets the major media players apart from my mom posting pictures of her dog.

The confusing part about this for most people to understand is that quality doesn’t always mean visual appeal.

Instead, what I’ve noticed over my limited experience is that quality in New Media spans over many things. It’s about the value of entertainment from the content regardless of if it’s a craptastic photoshop meme, a cell phone video, or a blog post comprised of just gifs.

So long as it inspires some kind of emotion - the quality of that content is much more impactful than the amount one human or channel is generating in content. 

And that’s whats so beautiful about the internet. Quality is based on an emotional response whether it be laughter, tears, learning, and more. It’s not about who has the fanciest camera or the most production behind them.

If your content has no substance for anyone - it’s probably not going to get you to the KING status. If anything it’ll just be a whole lot of work virtually wasted. 

Now, it’s important to recognize that the reason “Content is King” is a repeated concept is because of the importance of overpopulating the market with well tagged and bagged things.

The general theory is: The more content you have promoting your brand the higher your chances are of showing up in a search. 

BUT….but…. if you have a bunch of BULLShiz on your site that offers no value to the people who find themselves there…. you won’t turn those click throughs into repeat fans. And that’s the truth.

Another thing to keep in mind is that the internet enjoys variety. That’s why the consumer choice is so incredibly horrifying to some big brands. The consumer’s choice can no longer be easily purchased by a time slot on television or in a magazine. Today the consumer’s choice can’t be swayed…. it needs to be earned.

The easiest way to earn it? Become the subject of word of mouth. That’s ultimately what makes the internet beautiful. It’s a perpetual and modern game of “telephone.”

Let me explain the steps:

  1. A fan of a brand finds a piece of quality entertainment that they decide to share on some form of social media.
  2. That person’s friend and/or fans who recognizes their content curation to be of some value then clicks.
  3. That fan of a fan shares due to finding quality entertainment in that content.   
  4. The cycle repeats itself until numbers populate and success can be measured. 

So, it’s fair to asses that once quality of entertainment is accomplished the next most important thing is acceptance is the Queen of Sharing. 

Together the two can rule kingdoms of new media DOMINATION! 

Yup. Just keep this in mind the next time you plan on doing ANYTHING …. anywhere. 

“Is this thing I’m about to post entertaining? Will people find it’s quality of entertainment shareable?" 

If the answer to at least one of these questions is "YES.” Do it! Do it now!