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INDIE mutt llc

Indie Mutt LLC is a creative collaboration between two best friends, Amber & Jwall. Together they create content for IMVR, Print That Thing, and IMVybz. 


We do what we want.


Our Pack

A family of 6 very unique souls embark on this Indie Mutt Adventure together! Everyone pulling their weight to bring the best of entertaining world builds to the masses



Adopted in November 2009 - Martigan is a 9 year old Dalmatian-Husky-Yorki Mix. Don't ask us how - that's what the DNA test said. He enjoys dictating meal time and cuddling. 



Creative Producer, XR Developer, 3D Designer


Crazy Kayia

Adopted in July 2014, Kaiya is  an 8 year old Shepard Mix. Having upgraded from being an outdoor dog she's a skilled cuddler and alarm clock grumbler. 



World Builder, XR Engineer, 3D Printing


Bold BoBo

Adopted in July 2014, Bobo is a 4 year old street cat whose the most popular member of the Indie Mutt Pack. He's a cat armor model and professional leash walker. 


Lil' Baby

Adopted in February 2018 Lil' Baby is the most recent addition to the Indie Mutt Pack. She loves a good cuddle and is a professional purr machine.